OLP Leadership: The Walk

OLP Leadership: First Ballot
January 22, 2013
OLP Leadership: In Between Ballots
January 22, 2013

Words by Brian Crombie

The most fascinating thing about conventions is the walk candidates take after the ballots to throw their support to other candidates. Eric Hoskins, last on the first ballot, started walking across the arena away from Kathleen Wynne and towards Sandra Pupatello. The Sandra team went crazy. Sandra was waving madly. But then he stopped, turned around and headed back. Kathleen headed down the stairs and met him halfway. Pandemonium.

Then Harinder Takar, fourth on the ballot, starts walking down the aisle. But before he can get anywhere they announce it’s too late to drop off the ballot. What to do, turn around and go back, no it’s too late. Harinder continues across the floor to Sandra Pupatello. But half of his delegates are still in their seats and his name is still on the ballot.

All eyes are on Charles Sousa, fifth on the ballot, but he’s staying on. What to do now?